Job Description


Humanities Teacher

Are you passionate about unravelling the mysteries of history, geography, and social sciences? We're seeking a dedicated Humanities Teacher to join our team in Bristol. If you're excited about connecting the past, present, and future through engaging lessons, this opportunity is for you!


-Time Travel Guides: Take students on a journey through history, exploring different cultures and civilisations.
-Geography Explorers: Make geography come alive by connecting classroom learning to the world around us.
-Social Sciences Savvy: Inspire critical thinking and foster an understanding of societal structures and dynamics.
-Global Citizenship: Cultivate a sense of global awareness and responsibility in your students.Requirements:

-Teaching Qualifications: Hold recognised teaching qualifications and certifications in Humanities.
-Passion for Exploration: Demonstrate enthusiasm for exploring diverse aspects of human history and society.
-Innovative Teaching: Bring creativity and innovative teaching methods to the humanities classroom.What We Offer:

-Competitive Pay: Earn £150-£200 per day based on your expertise and qualifications.

-Humanities Haven: Join a collaborative environment where your passion for humanities can thrive.

-Professional Growth: Access to continuous professional development opportunities