Job Description

£700 - £750/day

Enterprise Data Architect

Enterprise architect or Transformation leader

This role is to help us on the RFP and work up to 20 hours a week

Duration: 1 month

Fully Remote

Market Rate


Job description:

* A senior professional, more enterprise (data) architect and/or Transformation leader, storyteller

* Preferably from attractions entertainment industry (E.g. Disney or ex Merlin) or if not the same industry more like a B2C experience and real engagement.

* Data expert, someone who is able to articulate business problem/ opportunity and provide a solution roadmap using data to solve that business problem. He would normally understand conceptual data models, domain data models, logical models and how they all come together in multiple dimensions and help the client/business to exploit and monetise data.

* Someone who has been on the data transformation journey before from envisioning data strategy from business strategy, created business case and realised the benefits, laying the data roadmap followed by technology required to enable that data journey – like the mind behind the data and not just a technologist.

* Understands/ can appreciate multiple technologies available and what could be good fit solutions inc MSFT ADF, Synapse, Databricks, Snowflakes etc not just looking at current business requirements but the art of possible and future requirements.

* Can give a vision for future based on where Merlin is now and where can they go in future